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Let's summarize BALTICA SPRING TOUR 2016


First and foremost – SPORT


BALTICA SPRING TOUR is already behind us. Three weeks of unusually intense sports competition and superior organizational readiness became things of the past, yet despite all of this, leaving us unsatisfied in way and wanting more and more. Which we of course intend to maximise in August.

BALTICA SUMMER TOUR already warms up engines in order to make them functioning at top speed from 9th to 28th August, to give all horse-riding enthusiasts, riders from around the world, including the most recognized ones as well as juniors and children and at last but not least - the audience, the best sports spectacle. This is just around the corner, but in the meantime, let's stop for a moment at the three-week Spring Tour, which was full of exciting moments and landmark events.

This spring 35 flags waved over arenas of Ciekocinko Stables, over 700 horses were brought to our stables and there were 286 names of riders on the starting lists. And what kind of names they were!

An absolute top of the world rankings came to Ciekocinko this spring. Just to name a few: Robert Smith, Abdullah Alsharbatly, Cameron Hanley, Sören Von Rönne, Santiago Lambre and true sensation of Baltica Spring Tour - one of the most successful riders of the world, three times Olympic medalist - American Elizabeth "Beezie "Madden. For the first time in Poland, the first time on our arenas, and with good memories at the end, because in the final Grand Prix held the last Sunday of the Tour, Beezie was ranked third.

If we add that enjoying hospitality of Ciekocinko Palace Hotel ***** Resort & Wellness, where each room has its patron – a horse deserved in the history of horse riding, Beezie put to sleep and woke up under her lucky star named Authentic, we feel we’ve really risen to the challenge.

Reverting to the sport at its highest level, there are some great riders to be praised, which is undoubtedly Santiago Lambre - representing Mexico winner of our Grand Prix and ranked second at this competition Sören Von Rönne - another big name of worldwide famous family of showjumpers and horse breeders, who achieved various international successes, for example Team World Champion and Bronze medalist in 1994. The third at the final Grand Prix, was already mentioned Elizabeth “Beezie” Madden with Quister.

So it is not difficult to imagine how great was the affection of the organizers watching so respectable bunch of riders appearing on the arena for a moment of decoration, wearing victorious sashes of Baltica Tour acrossed their bodies, riding horses covered with blankets in a blue-red-white colors, colors of Baltica. Add to this picture the sunset over the treetops and echoing sublime notes of the national anthems of winners. Quite a moving scene, isn’t it?

Remaining at not so bombastic but still fantastic level of  show-jumping competition, let’s take a look at the CSI3* Final, counted to the Golden Round of Baltica Spring Tour. Here the winner was another amazing rider, as we can say for now, good associated with BALTICA EQUESTRIAN TOUR, the representative of Saudi Arabia - Abdullah Alsharbatly on horseback Red Star D'Argent .

We do not have an intention of being too indiscreet, if we reveal that Abdullah Alsharbatly returns to our show almost every season, and while talking about Baltica, often uses the personal pronoun "we", verbalise an impression, which we fully share, that it is really “our” common show.

In the final CSI3 * competition, Rodrigo Mesquita Marinho from Brazil came second, while the star of British athletes - Robert Smith with Ilton were ranked third.

Polish riders also did not disappoint, and this spring we had an undoubted pleasure to watch many of our native, excellent show-jumpers, including the current champion of Poland -  Jaroslaw Skrzyczyński, who with his primary horse Crazy Quick-turned out to be the best of the Poles during the final Grand Prix and came in just behind the podium.

Noticeably in general classification of Baltica Spring Tour were also Krzysztof Ludwiczak, who won the Gold 1 CSI3* competition, Mściwoj Kiecoń and Grzegorz Kubiak - multiple Polish Champion in all age categories, who not only presented still great, sports form (first place in CSI1 * Grand Prix Silver Round), bur showed also a great sense of humor while during competition SPEED & FUN occurred in costume ...  of zebra. We could hear among the audience – that our Champion was definitely wearing a racing stripes.

Besides competition SPEED & FUN enjoyed a really great popularity, especially among the youngest part of the audience, who could not even be overjoyed when trophy winners Jan Bobik crossed the arena in costume of Winnie the Pooh. And so it turns out, that all the honey goes to Jan.

Remaining in a light, sports atmosphere, definitely worth mentioning is an extremely dynamic competition JUMP & DRIVE of the first week of the Spring Tour, which combined riding skills with rally verve. The clear round with the stallion Cascalo and the quickest behind the wheel of Porsche Cayenne was Grzegorz Psiuk. Who proved that the horse power, even these extremely vicious of the Porsche engines, can be tamed on the course.

 One should not forget that Baltica Tour is not only great fun for the audience, but first of all it is the sport at the highest level. During the spring edition, both seniors and juniors and young riders had the chance to gain Individual Qualification for this year's Olympic Games in Rio, Qualification for the European Championships in Gothenburg in 2017 and the European Championships for Juniors and Young Riders in Millstreet 2016.

During the upcoming edition of BALTICA SUMMER TOUR, Juniors and Young Riders will also have a possibilities to get qualified for the  European Championship in 2017 Samorin (during competitions GP every week).

The senior riders in the final GP will have the chance to gain Qualification to the European Championships in Gothenburg in 2017. Total money prize for the entire summer tour will reach nearly 1.5 million polish zloty (325,500 euros).

 If sports emotions woke up in Ciekocinko Stables in the spring, in the summer they have a chance to reach its zenith. Be sure you’ll be there!


  • Ciekocinko stables
  • Ciekocinko 9, 84-210 Choczewo, North Poland

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