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1st CSIO at the Baltica Equestrian Tour


Somebody said that "The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination." Year ago in Sandra (Sport Director of BET) created a plan to organize for the first time in Poland the CSIOCh and CSIOJ – for Children and Juniors- including Nations Cup competition. So – step one: the plan, step two: work hard, step three: persistence and you know what? WE DID IT!


On Friday, the 27th of May in the main ring of Ciekocinko Stables at 12:00 the Nations Cup for Junior was held. Five teams competed in it: Austria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Sweden and Poland. Polish Team was presented by: Stanisław Piątkowski with Aaron 340, Filip Lewicki with Don Juan, Kamila Rokita with Santiago 7 and Monika Grundkowska with Dhaha – this couple finished the course clearly in both rounds. Finishing with 16 penalties the Team of Poland was placed as 1st. On the second place was the Hungary (21 penalties) and on 3rd Austria (29 penalties).


After the Junior Nations Cup, the Children Cup was held including four Teams: Sweden,  Hungary and two Teams of Poland. The Swedish Team won the class with 4 penalty points, Hungary was ranked as second and the Polish Teams was third and fourth.


And you know what makes us smile? That the Riders, Trainers, Parents and Chefs d’Equipe were satisfied and they said in concert: we will be back! :)

  • Ciekocinko stables
  • Ciekocinko 9, 84-210 Choczewo, North Poland

Operacja współfinansowana przez Unię Europejską ze środków finansowych Europejskiego Funduszu Rybackiego zapewniającą inwestycje w zrównoważone rybołówstwo