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New Bistro at Baltica FISH&MORE!


There is no better place to be than Baltic sea!

Especially during the Baltica Equestrian Tour. Our exceptional  location, which riders from Germany and Scandinavian countries certainly will confirm, makes everyone quickly forget about the hardships of travel, while inhaling fresh sea breeze and enjoying the beautiful seaside views.

To make this marine image complete lacks only sea delicacies on the table, but along with the spring edition of the Baltica Equestrian Tour it also gonna change.

Especially for you, in a place where previously a Pilsner Grill bar was, we are opening Bistro specializing in fish dishes  - FISH & MORE.

It’s Baltica Tour folks, so you can be sure that it’s going  to be international.  It means that at FISH&MORE you can easily find not only british gut bomb Fish & Chips, New York bagels with cream cheese and smoked salmon or asian style tuna in teriyaki sauce.

What you can count on is a decent representation of Baltic Sea fish, coming from the rough waters straight at your plate. All these mackerel, turbot, vendace, flounder and many others. Not to mention the speciality of our region -  the herring Kashubian Style.

What a dish! Baltic Fish!

  • Ciekocinko stables
  • Ciekocinko 9, 84-210 Choczewo, North Poland

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