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Music for the masses or rather for all the classes ;)

We are more than just ready to start the spring. During the Baltica Spring Tour not only the nature will wake up – to be honest we don’t even know if anybody will go sleep. ;)

How to sleep when Jakub Arendt vel MC Jacob A is on mic?

Star of the Polish Clubbing production, best known voice in Polish Vocal House stage will take care of the HOT atmosphere during the party… He will make all of you remember this party!

Kuba… Oh, essentialy MC Jacob A is really busy. Most recognizable MC in Poland, contributor of the biggest electronic music festivals in Europe, such as: Tunnel Exploration Earth, Global Gathering, Sunrise Festival, Enhouse Tunnel Electrocity or Godskitchen in Wroclaw. He was performing with many famous stars, i.a: Westbam, Dr. Motte, Sebastien Leger or Hardy Hard.  He is a creator of many clubbing hits, among other he created iconic „This i show we do it”.. We’re sure that you will love to dance when he will sing this song.. Live!

Jacob’s style is based on funk, soul, r’n’b and rap music. His vocal is perfectly suplement the house sounds. As he is always saying „the most important for him is to enjoy the music and to give fun to the audience”.

There’s nothing more to say… It looks like another proper person will be in the proper place. And in the proper time. BALTICA SPRING TOUR! Enjoy life.

  • Ciekocinko stables
  • Ciekocinko 9, 84-210 Choczewo, North Poland

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