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CSIO for Children, Juniors and Young Riders at Baltica Spring Tour!


For the second time in a row we are extremely pleased to announce that the Baltica Spring Tour will again host the CSIO for Children, Juniors and Young Riders in 2017. Our last year's debut as an CSIO Organizer for Children and Juniors met with big enthusiasm of  the youth  and it was of joy and satisfaction for us. In Ciekocinko we strongly believe that every - even the longest journey – needs to start with first step. It invariably excites us to look at the beginning of future Riders-Stars!

Baltica Spring Tour is a three weeks of sport adrenalive at the highest level in one of the most beautiful equestrian centers in this part of Europe - Stud Ciekocinko, located in the northern Poland.
In the first and third week played Baltica Spring Tour three levels will be held:
• CSI1 * - competitions with a height from 1.00 m to 1.35 m,
• CSIYH1 * - competitions designed for 5, 6 and 7-year-old horses,
• CSI2 * / 3 * - competitions with a height from 1.30 m to 1.50 m.

The schedule for the second week is very simillar to the first and third week, exept fact that from Thursday to Sunday, additional competition CSIOCh, CSIOJ and CSIOY will be held. The most important competitions in the context of these levels will take place on Friday – Nations Cup and Sunday - Grand Prix in children, juniors and young riders categories.

In connection with the CSIO- Juniors and Young Riders will have the opportunity to gain qualifications for the European Championship Samorin 2017 and for everyone, not only young riders it a a great challenge and one of the biggest dreams. Prestige occupations makes every rider dreaming to get in . This Year Championship in the Children, Juniors and Young Riders category will be held from 8th  to 13th of August in a well known venue in the equestrian environment - Samorin in Slovakia.

Riders have time to get qualifications from 1st of January 2016 to 9th of June 2017 and Certificate of Capability must be presented to the FEI up to 10th of June 2017 which makes it Baltica Spring Tour fits perfectly in the calendar for Juniors and Young Riders, allowing to achieve the necessary points during the Nations Cup class on May the 26th, or during the CSIOJ / CSIOY Grand Prix  on May the 28th for each category, or during one of the Grand Prix CSI2 * / CSI3 *.

Riders may compete in classes during the Grand Prix competitions CSI1 * of the year in which they turn 14, and in competitions Grand Prix CSI2 * from the year in which they turn 16. In the case of the competition CSI3 * it is required for the Rider to be 18 years old.


Baltica Spring Tour – Dream Big, Live Big !


  • Ciekocinko stables
  • Ciekocinko 9, 84-210 Choczewo, North Poland

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