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Who Is Who @BET – Monika Skowrońska Photo Monskoo


We already have the determination of Monica and the effects of her work - "She was born ready to rumble." OR When Monskoo takes a shot you can only look hot! Using the word “extraordinary” when talking about Monika it’s not even enough. She has an amazing talent, eye that catches the smallest details, sensivity and she is always just-in-time.
Monika started to cooperate with us from the 4th edition of Baltica – Spring Tour 2016 and we feel already that she was always destined to Baltica. She became one of the Team so quickly, that now we can’t imagine the classes at BET not eternalized by the Monika’s lens. Baltica in 2016 was already a huge machine that could intimidate and frighten with the scale of duties. Monika during her first days, when she literally run between courses and the show office to "drop"  the pictures, so they have always been published just-in-time on the website and on Facebook, used to whisper to herself: "Well, I will not complain now, when I finally able to live my dream “.

And this is the key to Monika’s success - that she always followed her dreams, no matter how unrealistic they may seem. Which child after a major surgery in her head, could seek for her place in the barn, in the middle of huge and sometimes unpredictable animals-which horses surely are? Eleven years old Monika, opposite that her parents did, didn’t have any resistance, to run in her rubber boots from morning to late night to the stable and back. And then, no she didn’t quit, she started to be an active Rider and we all know that equestrian is not the one of the most static sport discipline.

Along with her love to horses and passion of Riding, showed up her interest in Photography, and her first pocket 3-megapixel camera, saved stables views; each horsehead leaning from the window, every birth of a new foal, fun at the paddocks and then finally best moments of competitions in which her colleagues from the stable competed.

When Monika competes, she has to request for a professional photo shoot her friends. What she does without any drag, because even our lens master can not simultaneously find herself on both sides of camera.

She knows well how it feels to be in the center of the show, because she became reporter encountered shortly after graduating from high school by taking work of online journal in Elblag, where the referendum was held. Monika jumped from the stable to the mobile studio of TVN,  with her Professional SLR Canon, which was unwinded by Employees of Government Protection Office, when she took on the goal the prime minister Donald Tusk. This experience made her almost soundless in the VIP areas during the major equestrian events, always with a sense of the moment when to release the shutter button. But anyway she still likes the most to photograph horses and excitement of sports struggle. She loves to catch all the "higher, further, harder” emotions. Then she feels alive, and everyone who had the opportunity to see her pictures can feel the accompanying emotions. This year she will be our Recorder of emotions during both editions of Baltica - Spring and Summer Tour. She will be as good as ECG sprinter - crazy parabola of enthusiasm and euphoria. Anyway, we'll see, by the eye of Monskoo of course each struggle on the course.

  • Ciekocinko stables
  • Ciekocinko 9, 84-210 Choczewo, North Poland

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